About us

Hi, we're CYTGuides.com

Thanks for visiting this page, we appreciate you taking time to look around the site.

CYTGuides.com is an information product business specialising in the personal development field. Have a look at our products page to get an idea of the types of products we produce.

Life is about adpating to change, and we produce products to help you grow you mind, fuel your brain and nourish your spirit.

The history

CYTGuides.com is an offshoot from my blog at StevenAitchison.co.uk/blog, and Started in 2008. We have added around 13 products to it's ever growing line, and we're looking to add more in the future. It's been busy enough to take on some freelance staff, and with more projects planned for next year we hope to hire staff full time.

The success

Hundreds of people have written to us to tell us how much they have enjoyed our products, and more importantly how much they have changed their lives and we want to continue to keep producing great products.

I am all about honesty, and if if I am being completely honest our early products weren't fantastic as I was testing things out a few years ago, however the latest products such as: Advanced Early Riser | The Re-Awakening | Iso Mind and Mind Alchemy are the best we have produced and will only continue to get better.

Sales from our products and marketing at the Blog have grown from our very first year online from a very small $1,000 per year to around $37,000 in sales per year, and we're aiming to grow 100% year on year for the next 3 years.

We'll be adding to this site all the time so please come back and visit us often.

Kindest regards