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  • 中國投資有限責任公司

    About CIC

    As a responsible global institutional investor and a valuable partner, CIC has always exercised prudence and professionalism, establishing an international profile as a sovereign wealth fund that operates on international, market-oriented and professional basis.

    The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) is an important global organization comprising key sovereign wealth funds. Since its inception, it has been instrumental in fostering exchange and cooperation between sovereign wealth funds, promoting policy dialogue with major recipient countries and regions, and facilitating the orderly flow of cross-border investments. As a founding member, CIC has been an active participant in its various endeavors. It has carefully enforced the Santiago Principles for the governance of global sovereign wealth funds.

    For more information on the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, other sovereign wealth funds and the Santiago Principles, please refer to the Forum's official website: www.ifswf.org

    Since 2020, CIC has introduced fresh new approaches to global outreach that have helped to expand and enrich its international partnerships. These have included leveraging online conferencing solutions to ensure continuity in our communication with partners and maintain alignment with the international community in our common efforts to overcome challenges.

    Creating positive impact through dialogue. CIC is committed to promoting global economic governance reforms through its participation in multilateral dialogue mechanisms. In 2020, CIC took part in B20 Saudi Arabia, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) meetings, and other multilateral events. At all these fora, CIC advocated on behalf of China’s business community for multilateralism, an open global economy, and the free, open, and orderly international flow of capital and investments. CIC called on all parties to join hands to combat the global spread of COVID-19, and played a positive role in marshalling international action to contain the pandemic and revitalize the global economy.

    Building an international network of partners. CIC has diligently implemented the Santiago Principles for the governance of sovereign wealth funds and continues to play a leading role in the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF). In 2020, CIC’s Chairman Peng Chun attended the Forum’s annual meeting and called on sovereign wealth funds to orchestrate a united response to the present challenges, showcasing CIC’s sense of international responsibility as China’s sovereign wealth fund. CIC also stepped up engagement with the international business community through its participation in events held by forum groups, industry associations, and think tanks such as the Institute of International Finance, Bo’ao Forum for Asia, Institutional Investors Roundtable, and China Center for International Economic Exchanges, as well as China-UK, China-France, and other bilateral government and business dialogues. In 2020, as a sovereign wealth fund that cares, CIC sent out over 90 greeting letters to overseas partners and international friends to strengthen bonds of friendship and foster communication.

    New media channels for greater transparency: As part of its efforts to garner understanding and recognition from the international community, CIC has consistently maintained a high level of transparency, making proactive and timely disclosures on our corporate governance, investment strategies and philosophy, major investment projects, changes to our executive leadership team, investment performance, and other key aspects of our business via a wide range of platforms including our website, annual report, spokesperson, press releases, and our official account on WeChat. Our disclosure practices have won widespread acclaim from our partners and the international community. In 2020, we continued to explore new and innovative channels for promoting our investment philosophy and sharing our expertise, publishing an increasingly diverse range of content in different formats and making it even easier for the media and members of the public to access authoritative information on the company.