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Lucid Dreaming: Living in Your Dreams


This short guide is your beginners lesson in Lucid Dreaming, the amazing art of waking up in your dreams and being conscious whilst still asleep. The amazing experience of Lucid Dreaming is something never to be forgotten and I will give you a grounding in what lucid dreaming is, how you can begin your adventures and what to expect when you have lucid dreams.e: 15$


An introduction to the world of Lucid Dreaming

Friends and readers, my guide on Lucid Dreaming: Living in Your Dreams is now available for your consideration. You can purchase immediately using the link above, or read on if you are looking for more information.

What it's all about:

This is an introduction to the world of Lucid Dreaming, the amazing art of being conscious whilst you are dreaming. When you are consciously dreaming you can control your dreams and have the most amazing experiences.

Who is this guide for:

This guide is for anyone who wants to learn all about lucid dreaming and how it can help in your life. It tells you the basics of lucid dreaming and will see you having your first lucid dreaming adventures.

Who should not purchase this:

If you are an experienced lucid dreamer, this guide is not for you. It is a guide to get you started, and to be able to have your first lucid dreams. Also if you don't want to spend a few weeks practicing this, then this guide is not for you either, as it will take a few weeks to have your first lucid dream, however it may be sooner.

Feature 1Discover the amazing benefits of Lucid Dreaming
Feature 1Get to know the history of Lucid dreaming
Feature 1Prepare yourself to have your first lucid dream.
Feature 1The six most popular techniques you will need to master
Feature 1Get to know when Lucid Dreaming occurs in the sleep cycle
Feature 1Overcome nightmares, boost your creativity, become more self empowered.



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Lucid Dreaming: Living in Your Dreams

Look around you right now and ask yourself if you are dreaming. The instant answer would almost certainly be no! that you are not dreaming, but how do you know? Prove to yourself that you are not dreaming. You might pinch yourself and feel the pain, feel a solid object in front of you, or smell the coffee you are drinking as you read this. Well if you have ever had a really powerful dream you’ll know you can do all these things in a dream: feel the pain of that pinch, or touch solid objects and smell that coffee. One thing you cannot do in an ordinary dream is maintain your flow of consciousness.

For example, you might dream that you are walking down the street and you see a twenty foot bear who strikes up a conversation with you, in the dream, you would think there is nothing wrong with this and it seems perfectly
natural at the time. When you wake up, however, you'll realise how absurd the dream was.

This is due to the workings of our mind and our consciousness, we are all unconscious when we dream, we do not have the same thought processes, cannot decipher that a bear talking to us is not real. In Lucid Dreams, we are aware, we have the same thought processes as in our waking state, we know when something is not quite right and we can recognise the fact that we are dreaming. In essence, we are consciously dreaming.

My First Lucid Dream

‘…….I was walking down Buchanan street and jumped over something in front of me. I stayed in the air a bit longer than was natural and I suddenly realised I must be dreaming. I immediately tried to fly and to my delight, I started floating in the air. I flew all over the town centre just watching people go about their business. The clarity was amazing, the colours were brighter than usual, and my mental state seemed very heightened. I flew about, rested on shop signs, and was laughing with delight. My excitement must have disrupted the lucid dream as I slipped into a normal dream and woke up shortly afterwards.’

This was one of my first lucid dreams and the feeling of elation stayed with me for over four days. It shows we can become aware of the fact that we are dreaming if we know the clues and the signs.

The Story Behind The Guide

steven aitchisonI had my first lucid dream over 15 years ago as I was heavily into experimenting with the mind and trying to push it to it's maximum. I read about lucid dreaming on a forum on the internet and decided to try it. I couldn't do it at first and got a little frustrated after a few days, but I persevered.

Then I had my first lucid dream and I was hooked. the euphoria of your first lucid dream is something that will stay with you for a very long time.

I wanted others to experience what I had experienced and decided to write an introduction to lucid dreaming. There are thousands of lucid dreamers out there (Oneironauts) who have experienced what I have experienced and every single one of them describe the same euphoria after their first few lucid dreams. Even if you only have 1 lucid dream in your life it's well worth the effort of chasing it.

Experiencing astral projection

After I had practiced lucid dreaming for about 1 year I then progressed onto astral projection, which is a natural extension of lucid dreaming. this is another experience altogether and i had some weird but wonderful experiences whilst practicing astral projection, however I only had a few real out of body experiences which were very brief.

I would love for you to experience the thrill of Lucid Dreaming and hope you enjoy this guide.

My Promise to you

You will get a no questions asked refund if you decide that this guide is not working for you

The aim of this guide is clear, but if for some reason you feel it is just now for you then send me an email within3- day guarantee 30 days of purchase and I will send you a complete refund, no questions asked, and you will get to keep your copy of Lucid Dreaming:Living in Your Dreams

I know you will love the guide and it will change you in so many ways, but I want you to be confident about your purchase which is why I am offering this 30 day money back guarantee.



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