"When I teach meditation, my students often ask for guided meditations they can use at home. Often, they say, they can find calm and focus when someone guides them through it, but not when they are left to their own devices. If this describes your personal predicament, then this guided meditation system is perfect for your needs. It will help you relax, focus, forgive, heal and much more."
Alisa Bowman - Buddhist meditation teacher

Steven's packed in solid advice on good sleep habits -- going beyond the basics and covering everything from your diet to whether you're getting enough sunlight.

The MP3s are a great addition, too, particularly if you need a bit of help to relax or wind down.

Ali Hale - Writer/blogger/photographer
The biggest thing that I walked away with was asking the right questions. I have also been greatly inspired by the life affirmation video that I made. I can’t think of any improvements, the course was great and I will miss it!
Stacy Claflin - Writer/Blogger
Before The Re-Awakening I was a meditation novice. But because of the sudden death of a loved one, I was eager to find a way back to peace. Angela and Steven's program has helped me realize the unlimited potential my mind has to heal my wounded soul. The guided meditations provided a safe path for me to let go and remove the pain that was keeping me stuck
Alex Blackwell - Writer/Blogger
Steven's program is truly amazing. I never thought that waking up in the morning can be so easy but if you follow Steven's plan - everything is possible. Even if you are not ready to ditch your alarm clock (just yet) you will find the best ways to stay energetic and alert throughout the day and have a deep restorative sleep at night. I fell in love with the relaxation music that Steven added to this course as well as guided meditations.These pieces help me fight stress during the day and calm my thoughts in the evening. Advanced Early Riser is a plan for everyone who wants to achieve more things during the day without getting burnt out.
Anastasiya Goers - Writer

I wish I had the benefit of going through a guided meditation course like The Re-awakening much earlier. I remember how it was like when I first tried to meditate. I simply could not. I was seized by an incessant stream of thoughts. I gave up. It was only years later that I finally managed to meditate.

Meditation has certainly brought me numerous benefits. Still, I am nowhere near mastery nor do I attempt to will myself to gain mastery of it. From my experience and understanding, there can be good days where it is easy to slip into a peaceful state but there can also be days when it is particularly challenging. I am inclined to think that it will be helpful to have a guided course like The Re-awakening especially for those difficult days. I also like that I can zoom in on a particular meditation audio for addressing my specific need.

Many people encounter high levels of stress. It is understandable because there is just so much to do everyday. Then again, the answer is not to do more, in order to deal with the pressure. If they can only learn the Power of Silence, they will find themselves achieving very much more. The Reawakening - Highly Recommended for its wise counsel on using the best resource there is towards establishing overall wellness and balance.

Evelyn Lim - Writer/Speaker

This product is absolutely wonderful. If you’re someone who has heard about meditation, but didn’t know what it was about, or why it is beneficial, this is absolutely for you. The guided meditation audios are phenomenal! As I listened to them, I noticed a decrease in my physical pain in areas that I thought would never improve. I was stunned!

The workbook and other booklets were fantastic. It was as if I was working with a personal coach, who was asking me tough questions to get at desires and wishes I never knew I had! The materials were so in depth and so full of knowledge that I was introduced to areas in my life that I never knew existed, and I was left feeling tremendously inspired, invigorated, positive, and hopeful. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about taking their life to the next level and achieving things they only wish they could.

Victor Schueller - Author/Speaker
I have been a student of meditation for the last 6 years and am always in search of ways to enhance my practice. The Re-Awakening offers the means to do just that. I was able to reach heightened levels of relaxation and expand on the clarity of my visualizations through the guided meditations. These really take you on a powerful journey and leave you feeling refreshed, empowered, and clear headed. Simply put, this program will help you improve your emotional and mental health as you tackle the busy world around you. I would recommend this product to a novice meditator to help you have direction in your meditation sessions, and would also encourage more seasoned meditators to experience this program as a chance to expand on your current practice.
Joe Wilner - Writer/Blogger